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Keep employees up-to-date instantly and continously over text.

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The Coronavirus crisis has highlighted a key challenge for US employers – how can you quickly notify staff of critical changes (even life-threatening ones), provide them with instant answers to their questions – AND be sure they’ve seen them? 

Our Employee Response Bot helps you send vital information in seconds, instantly answer employee questions, and capture other needs your employees may have – all over text – a channel with a 98% open rate.

Instant answers to your employee’s questions

To keep your people safe and business thriving, you need to keep them updated on channels you know they'll read, so everyone is on the same page. However, traditional communication channels like email are either too slow, or your employees don't read them consistently.

Text is the best channel

Getting information quickly to your employees over SMS ensures a 98%+ open rate.

AI Chat provides instant answers to common questions, reducing employee services costs and employee anxiety levels.

Capture your employees needs

Text allows you to capture employee needs and respond appropriately.

Start updating employees FAST

We’ve converted our platform—designed to host 100,000-person events—to this challenge, so you can have your bot up and running ASAP.

Get up and running FAST

Using your existing content and employee lists, we can develop and deploy your custom bot in just a few days.

No downtime

Our bots answer your employees' questions 24/7 so you don't have to.

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Keep employees up-to-date instantly and continuously over text.

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